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Essay/Term paper: Domestic violence

Victims of Domestic Violence

❶The Yanoman This ethnography is about the Yanomam. Often, the introduction of your essay will contain your thesis statement.

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Essay, term paper, research paper: Domestic Abuse
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Men suffer from it as well: The main fact to comprehend about an abusive relationship is that the partner who acts as an aggressor will not change, and will not stop their insulting behavior. The best option for people who suffer from any kind of domestic violence is to break the relationship. It is useless to expect a certain behavior or opposition will calm the violent partner down.

Domestic violence remains a significant social problem in many countries all over the world. Some of its forms are obvious such as sexual or physical violence , while other are not so easy to distinguish. Such forms are emotional and financial abuse. Emotional abuse involves humiliating, threatening, and manipulating, while financial violence can express itself in a partner limiting the economic freedoms of their counterparts.

The victims of domestic abuse should not expect improvements: Smith, Melinda, and Jeanne Segal. Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships. Is English your native language? What is your profession? Some woman adjust to life with domestic violence. Shame seems to play a large part in why most cases are not reported. Woman have been convinced by the abuser that the violence in all their fault.

Also, many woman have lost their self esteem and believe all of the humiliating words that have they heard from the abuser. Another reason that woman stay in an abusive relationship is that they are afraid to leave. Many batterers threaten the victims of bodily harm, and they will degrade them in public. Batterers also threaten to take their children from them, stating that they have proof of the victim being an unfit parent. Woman are also afraid that the abuser will also abuse the children if they leave.

This is why many of the domestic abuse cases are not reported, and why it is so widespread. Last, woman need to take advantage of the solutions in which are available today.

Shelters for battered woman and their children are quite common. Woman can feel safe in these shelters, mostly due to the secretive locations. Also, hotlines are available for woman to call. Trained specialists are available on the hotlines to listen, give advise and also to direct woman to the shelter nearest to them. Woman must also have a plan of their own. All important documents, such as school records and birth certificates should be kept in an easily accessible location.

An extra set of car keys should also be handy at a moments notice. This way the victim has in her possession important items to help gain her Gult 3 gain their freedom back.

Unfortunately, many cases are unreported and the statistics are much higher than can be imagined. Ever since life was created, inferior people were always taken advantage of by dominant people in society. Since men are stronger physically than women, the women were usually the inferior ones that were taken advantage of. If you go back to Roman Times, if a wife was to ever cheat on her husband in the past, she could be sentenced to death.

During the middle ages, the husband had every right to abuse his wife. If the police were ever involved, they usually would leave it to be resolved by the family. Even though many years had passed from the Roman Times and middle ages, wife beatings are still seen as acceptable by some groups in society. If the police were called for help with domestic violence, they no longer ignored it. They would arrest and convict those who were guilty of domestic violence.

Domestic violence today is very common in households, but little is being done to stop it. If you try to look at what causes domestic violence, you cannot pinpoint it to one specific problem. After researching various causes of domestic violence, one can conclude that it usually starts with a controlling personality to control another person. It can start off with verbal slander and turn into physical violence over time.

One major cause of domestic violence is stress. Things such as being unemployed, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or having little money can cause a person a lot of stress, which can result in abuse. Also, in some cases, it can be due to the person being abused themselves in their childhood. Statistics show that many people who are abused in their childhood become abusers themselves.

These are various factors that can cause domestic violence. When domestic violence occurs there are different types of abuse that can take place. The first kind is called physical violence. Physical violence includes slapping, kicking, or anything that is intended to physically injure the person. The second type is emotional abuse which consists of consistently doing or saying things to emotionally harm another person. The third kind is sexual abuse. Even though these are different levels of abuse, all of them are damaging in their own ways.

We as a society know that it is dangerous and emotionally destructive for children to grow up in a violent home. Most societies have laws that punish domestic abusers, but yet it still exists in our society today. People who are abused tend to think that there is no way out because they are so dependant on their partner.

They continue to put up with the abuse and learn ways to cope with it. Also due to the history of domestic violence, it is still seen as acceptable in some ways and not a large threat to society. The first stage of the cycle of violence starts off with tension, which usually causes stress. The abuser can become easily agitated. The abuser gradually becomes more abusive and more severe incidents of abuse start to occur in the household. The second stage of the cycle of violence is the physical violence and battery.

The abuser loses control and becomes extremely violent to the victim. The third stage of the cycle of violence is when the violent outbursts stop.

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Domestic Violence Research Paper Domestic violence is a large social issue in the United States today, as well as all over the world. Domestic violence includes sibling abuse, elder abuse, spouse abuse, and child abuse. Essay Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions. It is a problem without frontiers. Not only is the problem widely dispersed geographically, but its incidence is also extensive, making it a typical and .

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